03 June 2012

New Denny Lyon Design: Funny Fathers Day

Father's Day Star Ceramic Travel Mug

Father's Day Star Ceramic Travel Mug

From Denny:  So, I'm sitting on the couch laughing with my husband about what I can design for Father's Day that people could gift to the father in their life any day of the year.  We started listing all the things Dads do for their families just like mothers.  Today's generation of fathers are far more engaged in their family life than previous generations and I thought how great it would be to celebrate that positive change in American society.

There are two versions of this Dad Star, one in red font and one in blue font.  Many men love the color blue so I thought I'd accommodate them.  But hey, every father on his morning work commute can look at his travel coffee mug and get a smile for the day as he is reminded of how much his family appreciates him.

Father's Day Blue Star Mug

Father's Day Blue Star Mug

If you wish to purchase this Father's Day travel coffee mug  or the Father's Day blue star coffee mug just click on the images or go to Denny Lyon Gifts to see what else is available.  I'm always creating new designs every week - right now it's almost every day! :)

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