26 May 2012

Designed New Warriors Pearl Logo, Foundation to Help Homeless Women Vets

From Denny:  Finally settled on my first version of the Warriors Pearl Foundation logo as I get this new Cafe Press store up and running.  I can tell this is going to be a grind to develop enough designs and then the laborious process of attaching them to the products in order to launch online awareness to fund this foundation.

But hey, I'm up for the challenge.  Just wish this didn't take so long because the one thing that drives me is knowing 5,000 women are living homeless - and winter is coming...  No one should ever be homeless in America, especially single mothers of young children which many of these women are.

Then it's on to marketing the individual product pages and placing them into the search engines and on social sites.  Need to remember to place promos for the products in related blog posts too.  I wonder if this will take as long as it did with the blogs - a couple of years???

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