27 May 2012

New Denny Lyon Design: Show Military How Much You Appreciate Their Service

Sacrifice Men's Baseball Jersey

Sacrifice Men's Baseball Jersey T-Shirt

No sacrifice is ever left behind or forgotten *thank you*

From Denny:  Since it's Memorial Day weekend coming up I was thinking about all the military vets who feel America does not appreciate their service or their many sacrifices.  I was even visiting a national cemetery here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the war dead beginning with the Civil War.  There were even soldiers from Massachusetts buried here in the South.

It's odd how looking around in obscure forgotten places few people visit any more that you can still feel the eerie sense of loss even a century later of lives not fulfilled or appreciated.  So, I decided to design this T-shirt for us to wear to publicly remind service members that the public IS aware of their sacrifices AND also appreciative.

The psychic wound of the returning Vietnam soldiers still hurts today all these decades later.  Just ask anyone who served back then.  Let them know how you feel today.  I know I sure don't like war or believe most wars are necessary but that still does not negate all the many sacrifices the individual service members and their families make on a daily basis, often for many years.

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